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Made for boss ENTREPRENEURS ready to show off their MAGIC! 

The Ryann Showit 5 TEMPLATE

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Whether you're the glitter in front of the screen or the spark behind the scenes, you make other business' pop. You're so focused on getting results for your clients that you haven't slowed down to properly tell your own story.

What if you could easily and effectively share the value you create for others in a way that's magnetic to your ideal client?

It's time to say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to more revenue!

Save time & attract clients

I want this, now

Sounds perfect Right?

Tutorial videos and design support for hands on help

Made for Showit: a code-free, easy-to-use drag and drop platform

Designed w/ Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers & Coaches in mind

Attract to convert leads into clients

Introducing the Ryann Showit5 Template

Streamline your lead process through centralized booking/contact

ready to show up confident & own your presence online

looking to attract more clients with an effective service & portfolio layout

a boss social media manager, strategist, coach, or virtual assistant

This Template  is for you if You're...

-Shalynn Jackson

"As a new business owner, I can’t put into words what [Rooted Webs] support meant to me. I never knew how much a website could positively impact my confidence until she designed the perfect products for me."

Yes, I'm ready!

I know... websites can be overwhelming and investing in yourself when you always put others first is not an easy mindset hurdle to jump. But to accomplish your business goals you have to find ways to outsource so that you can focus on your passions and strengths. I built this template so you can check  "create a website that converts"  off of your to-do list. 

Are you ready to bet on yourself?

Trust me.

Let me introduce myself

Digital Designer & Owner of Rooted Webs. I'm here to use my career experiences to combine tech strategy, culture & design to make digital products that are unique, modern & effective in presentation. I started Rooted Webs to help service business owners elevate their digital footprint. Need some help growing professionally in a digital landscape? I got you and am so excited to help layout your business' story in away that shows off your magic! 

Hold up...

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SEO readiness

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Stategic marketing layout

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Illustration PNG files

That's it! Once the template has been customized and connected, you have full control to share it with the world when you're ready. 

This process takes 3-5 days to integrate your new website, domain & Wordpress blog to each other. 

Watch the video tutorials to learn how to update the text, pictures, and colors to fit your brand and business.  A support video is included to walk you through the system and how to update. The option for me to customize the template for you is available for an additional fee. 

Use the import key generated after your purchase to add the template to your Showit account (Showit fees not included) 

Step four: Launch

Step three: Connect your Domain & Blog

Step two: Create your brand Aesthetic 

Step one: Buy & Add The Design

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Step one: Buy & Add The Design

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Cost of hosting & domain not included

Common Questions

No. This works just for Showit and your blog is hosted on Wordpress. If you are using another platform you'll need to create an account with Showit and transfer your images over. If you are currently blogging through, Showit will manage the transfer.

You will need to purchase a domain and Showit subscription to host your website. Additionally if you don't want to customize or maintain your website those services are available. 

Showit Pricing
Purchase a Domain 
Design Services 

Included with the purchase of the template are short video tutorials where I walk you through the platform and features. Also, Showit offers a world class support team (seriously they've helped me so much!) as a part of your subscription. Additionally, I offer VIP days where I do any work that you don't want to.